About me.

I have a bee in my bonnet…. a thorn in my side…a fly in my wine…. wait….does that one work? I think we can take on too much! I think help is too expensive. I think often we put everyone else before ourselves… this is why I started jamesdaisy. Read on dear friend…

Hello! Welcome to jamesdaisy!

I’m Amy Marshall, the founder of jamesdaisy and back in early 2016 I started my little business not just because I wanted to but because I had to. I gots me a bee in my bonnet….

I had been working in the Advertising Industry for over 15 years and all my roles required high level of coordination and juggling, being on top of up to 20 or 30 jobs at a time. Ensuring they were on track and all on budget.

I organised freelancers and work flow, schedules and planning, timesheets and invoicing.  For the last 6 years in my job was the producer of all air media – including national television commercials.

I considered myself a Master Juggler. 

“If you think Im being immature you can get the hell out of my fort”


A child was born…

Then I had my first child, Freddie……. I thought all my experience in multitasking would help me confidently sail though the first year of motherhood……. (all you mums out there you can stop laughing). Well I was absolutely blindsided! My image of pre-cooking all organic meals in white linen maxi dresses, while my baby played with hand crafted wooden blocks, before getting a good 12-hour sleep disappeared before we left the hospital. The reality was, I felt organised if I had got on pants for the day in the first 12 months, in total I slept maybe 4 hours the entire year and solids were organic because that’s what the pack said……

I don’t remember much about this time but I think I physically ran or at least slow jogged through most of it – everything was a rush. A high anxiety rush, forever stressed about dropping a ball. And if everything was seemingly ok for a minute I had time to focus on my guilt. YES! Free time to consider what I’m not doing well – FETCH MY LARGE NOTE BOOK! 

Another…. child was born

As nature does, soon I found myself thinking, ‘you know what I need to help with the overwhelm?’ Another baby! Josephine Daisy was born in Feb 2016 and as gorgeous and calm and easy as she was I was again finding myself exhausted, struggling to keep on top of anything, daunted about how I was to navigate through this time while keeping sane….



So I could enjoy my baby and this beautiful time. Not spend every spare minute I had getting on top of housework…

Another…… child was…. just kidding. No way.

After Josie was born I thought a lot  about how I was really lucky, both my babies where healthy, I had a supportive husband, I had family close by, financially we were ok. And still I STRUGGLED HARD with managing everything all the new lessons that come with having a baby while still juggling all the regular stuff that doesn’t get put on hold and with a looming cloud about how I would ever go back to work….

I wanted to outsource the sh*t stuff, enjoy my babies, stress less, and not spend time doing the things I hated!

I wanted a little ‘me time’ so I could give my children the best version of me.

 I wanted a little more balance.

It was about this this started thinking about how much I loved motherhood, but I also loved my job. I thought about how with all the support I had how hard I still found managing everything while staying sane. I thought about all the women in situations different from my own who might be struggling…..

And I started thinking about jamesdaisy.

A business was born. 

I got a bee in my bonnet about making a difference. I wanted to provide a service that encourages women to outsource, value their time, put themselves first occasionally.

I was feeling like we were all in constantly agreeing and nodding enthusiastically about how much we have on our plates, how insane it can feel, how the overwhelm can feel exhausting…. BUT – I wanted to stop talking about this issue and do something.

The last 3 years has seen me meet so many amazing women in different situations that make traditional 9-5pm, 5 or even 3 days a week near impossible. By creating the online directory I can connect these women who need flexible, no obligation work options with an audience who need an affordable and easy way to outsource.

By working with the amazing businesses I come across I can provide members with a range of discount codes.

By partnering with people I love who are fabulous at what they do I can provide valuable downloads.

AND by connecting with people that also want to lighten the load I can do monthly giveaways!

I think jamesdaisy is pretty great. It’s about making outsourcing affordable and me time possible. I hope we make a difference.

Amy x

here is the best family photo we got.

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