About me.

I have a bee in my bonnet…. a thorn in my side…a fly in my wine…. wait….does that one work?…

Hello! Welcome to jamesdaisy!

In 2016 I started jamesdaisy as a way for busy women to connect with services to help them outsource (the stuff you just don’t want to do…) and then in turn have  a little more ‘me time’!

“If you think Im being immature you can get the hell out of my fort”


I had just had my second child and was really starting to grasp the enormity of emotional struggle I was having (and had heard of many women having) of loving being a mum but missing my job.

Loving the two most precious things in my life but also feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and often really down on days.

Never ever ever wanting to put my own needs first but then sometimes resenting never having time for myself.

And also throw in mum guilt about all of it.

It was a tough time and I knew I wasn’t alone.

I wanted to offer a way for women (and not JUST mums, busy women everywhere) to connect with practical services easily and affordably. Services like cleaning, ironing, gardening, washing & ironing. And then if this happened maybe the pressure might be off a bit and there would be time to spend on themselves!

Jamesdaisy has been through many many changes as I have worked through how to offer this.

I have had ups and downs in business and had plenty of hits and plenty of misses but this year everything has fallen into place.

Being able to offer a free platform for busy women to connect with AMAZING businesses, receive some ‘me time’ bonuses and discounts, have guides and info from experts and the monthly giveaway is how I offer a way to make the juggle a little easier….

Having been a producer in the Advertising industry for many years connecting people is what I am about. I get so excited by people in general, what they do, their stories what makes them happy and when you get to connect two people that can help each other out its amazing.

Thanks for being part of it and helping me wage war on the juggle!


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