Premium Service! 


We can take care of everything! 

How DOES the premium service work pray tell?

Premium Service is the bee’s knees in outsourcing (not the same bee I got in my bonet about starting jamesdaisy, I feel like I refer to bee’s a lot?).

If you just want to hand ball the lot to us we can take care of it for you. We can find the right person for any service you are after, we can organise the time, take care of the invoicing and any details, all for you.

Long term or short term help. 

And we can do this well.

Obvs this is priced a little differently. It’s an hourly rate based on what you are after. So get in touch for a quote if you are interested! Happy to chat through anything you are after.

When you use this service as a standard member you also get a lower rate! BONUS!


“Money can’t buy you class.”

– Luann De Lesseps – Real Housewives of NYC, 2018 –