I just want to get my business out there! E-Mag placement





Have you got a great business & just want to be seen!

Sure! We got ya. This option is for those that don’t want to offer any bonus to members but would like to get their awesome brand in front of them.

You’ll receive;

  • 1/6th page with all active website & social links (see layout)
  • insta stories post
  • Facebook group OR Facebook business page post.
  • The magazine with discounts & offers will be emailed directly to members. The magazine without any discount codes will be promoted and shared on social platforms.

All we need is for your to be ok with us choosing an image from your social that’s best inline with jamesdaisy.

We will be in touch to find out more about your awesome brand prior to posting! 

Feeling a bit shy?

Not yet ready? How about we just update you on all the discounts and info we have and you can join anytime you like! We'd love to have you :)

ok - no sweat! We'll let you know so you don't miss out :)