I want to offer members a prize!





This is a great option for a product or service! 

If you have something amazing you’d like us to create a competition or give away with – we’d love to!

We make sure we promote your amazing offer and also your business!

The more valuable to prize the the better response so keep this in mind! We want to help show how amazing you are!

This is what we will need from you…

  • A prize worth minimum $100
  • It must be approved prior to commencing – the prize and business must be aligned with our audince.

The minimum you will receive for this offer is

  • Featured on our website
  • Placement in one insta-story
  • Placement within our Facebook group OR Facebook business page.

This is the minimum of what we will do for you!

Depending on the giveaway, it’s relevance to our members and the value, we may provide more promotion! Keep this in mind, we want this to work for you and our members! We will always provide the you minimum but would love to shout it from the roof tops if it’s a really great offer!  And we are as generous as we can be – promise! 

Once we receive your order we will send you a form and further details. This can be for a national business or we can specify by Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane.