Waging War on the Juggle!

Jamesdaisy is about making outsourcing affordable and ‘me time’ possible. We understand the juggle. That’s why we are here. To make it easier. To take a load off. To have great services provided by people who are reliable, trustworthy and affordable.

Health, wellness & lifestyle guides.



Health, wellness & lifestyle guides + 3 month membership

  • Access to the database of amazing people and small businesses!
  • Unique membership card that will get you discounts from selected businesses
  • Receive weekly emails with all 8 health & wellness guides with links to downloads and videos!

3 Month membership only

  • Access to exclusive database of people & services
  • Unique membership card to receive discounts
  • Life coaching content emailed 




Let’s jump straight into what you actually get by becoming a member!

  • A fancy membership card in the mail. See that beautiful hand holding that beautiful thing below?
  • Access to our exclusive database of screened businesses and people offering great services
  • Discounts to amazing local businesses aimed at giving you some ‘me time’
  • A $10 voucher to use on our Premium Service! (you can gift on)
  • A lower rate if you use our Premium Service

How much does it cost?

I hear you ask? One million? Two million? A trillion? These would be very reasonable prices for everything you get within the membership HOWEVER, the cost to join is just $25! 

$25 for a 3 month membership!

This is small cost, small commitment!

We don’t want you to feel pressured or unsure so we have kept this as low as possible.

Our disclaimer on this is as the database grows so does the value and this means the cost will go up in small increments down the track.

How the database works

For just $25 you can become a member for 3 months. This gets you access to the database and all the discounts we provide!

To keep the best people on the database but also ensure they have availability we do regulate member numbers. We will open the membership up for short periods, but people cannot join while we spend time meeting and screening new profiles. 

As a member you get access to search our exclusive database. The people on the database have all been personally met by me. I ensure everyone that is allowed a profile I have met, been provided a police check (unless stated otherwise) and where possible and practical, had a trial.

Most of the people on here have done many jobs for jamesdaisy already.

My job is to maintain the integrity of the site. I WELCOME feedback! Good and bad! Good reviews will be posted! Bad reviews will be monitored by me and profiles will be removed based on these. 

Everyone on the database has a profile based on my own experience. Not everyone will have the same one but after almost 15 years in various resourcing roles I have a pretty good knack of finding great people.

If you have something to offer – get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.

We have term’s and conditions. We do. Thats just how it is. And you need to read them (no skimming). Thank you in advance….


I want this database to be a really great useful one. And to do that we’re going to have to have a little screen to face agreement…. As you will have access to all the people I have put time and effort into finding for you I’d REALLY appreciate it if rather than passing on contacts to your friends and family you refer them to join up. It’s a small fee and it will help me be able to continue this business and help not just you outsource, but others.

I know there will always be rule benders but I also know thats not you. Your’e a good one. So thank you.

Member Discounts

The discounts provided to jamesdaisy members are discounts from businesses I love. Mostly based around giving yourself a treat, whether that be a massage, a manicure or some retail therapy…. 

Like the database they are discounts from not just anyone. They are considered and selected with you in mind.

To find out about the current discounts click here

Why you should be a jamesdaisy member

You can create a more balanced life

When you become a member you have access to affordable, reliable and recommended services at your fingertips. Our exclusive database is made up of amazing small businesses or one man bands offering you a way to handball! By creating our searchable database we can also eliminate the need for any associated ‘middle man’ costs to keep rates as affordable as possible.

As we understand the juggle all to well (believe me…..!) jamesdaisy also understands that we can often be guilty of putting ourselves at the bottom of our own priority list. EVERYTHING and BODY else comes first, family, job, social commitments, life admin. We are constantly stretched….. So not only do we encourage you to value your time on this planet, we encourage you to take some well earned ‘me time’

We are constantly forming relationships with amazing local business to create discounts on services that offer you some me time. This could be a massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, babysitting…..

On sign up you will receive a fancy membership card to flash about town while you are spending a little time putting yourself first.

Jamesdaisy is on a mission – we understand how much we all put on our plate and how some days you can feel like you are ‘just getting through’. By becoming a member you can make a change!


Pop your little email address in there and we will send you a $10 voucher to use on the PREMIUM SERVICE. You are welcome! 

It's on its way! Keep your peepers on your inbox.