Bec Couche is one of my oldest friends! We have been best mates since she was lucky enough to take the seat next to me in year 9 maths. Now, I can’t tell you much about SOHCAHTOA or BODMAS, but what I can tell you is those that swivel on plastic chairs till they break in class together, stay together – regardless of the distance.
A long time later, when high school geometry was no longer an issue, we both lived in Sydney for a time. Bec worked at Dolly magazine as the Entertainment Editor, and I worked in advertising and happily rode all coat tails of all her free tickets, VIP areas and media passes. While my partner and I planned a return to Adelaide to start a family, she applied for a media visa for the USA, threw a NYC themed bon voyage party and hit the road. That was 11 years ago, and in that time she’s been in NYC writing articles for magazines like Cosmopolitan, Madison and Grazia – my personal favourite was a piece about her experience at a nude yoga class (I am not a grown up). She has since has retired the naked downward dog reports in lieu of a being “Head of Story” at an agency for the global account for Jaguar Land Rover, and she’s a single mum to a 3 and a half-year-old son Jack. JUGGLE MUCH?!
I asked Bec if she would tell us a little bit about juggling work and motherhood in the big apple. She said no. So this is mostly made up. Just kidding. She would never…. I know her secrets…. ha ha ha.

Hi Bec, welcome to the couch, or should I say couche…. How about you start by telling us about your average day?

BEC – Hi Amy – thanks for having me. These are nice? Where’d you get them?

AMY – Freedom. They had a two for one sale 6 years ago.

BEC – Most of the action happens in the two hours before and after work. I get up around 6.30, and hang out with Jackie for about half an hour before we get up. Then, after the daily struggle of wrestling him into clothes, I normally hand him off to my mum for 15 mins while I have a shower also struggle with what to wear.

Living with mum really really helps as a single working parent. After everyone has pants on, Mum and I chatter over coffee, then Jackie gets dropped off at school, I get on the subway to work, Mum goes to her ceramic studio. We share a cab, because no one owns a car
in New York – which is weird, because I now work for Jaguar Land Rover. 

Speaking of weird, is it weird to say being at work is like a rest? Because it kind of is. I love working with great stories, and the brand has such a strong history to work with. Spending the day coming up with content and ideas for this company, it’s really one of the greatest jobs I’ve had – I even get to squeeze a swim in most days.

By the time 6pm rolls around, it’s back on the train and straight home to high five the nanny who picks Jackie up. He’s normally eaten one of the frozen meals I’ve hopefully had time to make the weekend before – or more likely an egg on toast. There’s just enough time for a quick shower, story and chatter about the day before bed. After that’s done, mum and I make dinner and have a glass of wine.

Bec, We would love to hear about anything you do to make the juggle easier! Big or small… What tasks to you outsource or what jobs do you have help with?

While I never thought in my wildest, or lets face it, tamest, dreams, I would be 40 and living with my mum – it’s actually pretty great. The transition into being a single parent and going back to work was
a rough one. My family, especially my mum, have been integral in helping me with Jack, and keeping my head on my shoulders. I’ve also recently hired a nanny to pick up Jackie from day care – as Mum is my mainline support, I can’t have her burn out either.

*Side note – Bec bought a house! She now is a NYC home owner. Her mum comes to stay. Often 🙂

When you get some ‘me time’ what do you do? We would love to hear how you focus on yourself and how it makes you feel?

BEC – I live in one of the coolest cities in the world to absorb culture, art and music – and when I do get a chance to enjoy that I feel really good about it. Even smarter, more intellectual perhaps. But, for the most part, when I get a chance for “me time” I hang out with friends, laugh at fart jokes and defnitely have a glass of wine and that makes me feel awesome.

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