I talk a lot about outsourcing, and a lot of things I do. I have outsourced my cleaning, toy tidying, washing, we have a couple of babysitters that I secretly hope never finish study/move away/have their own children ;). Some things are very easy to outsource once you get the hang of it. 

But there are also the things that come up daily that just SUCK but are not really in the moment outsource-able.

I’ve put together a list of my Top 5 Jobs I Don’t Like to Do. Just for you. 

But before I start – I totally get these are ‘first world problems’. I’m lucky to have them to complain about. So hopefully this might just  make you smile and maybe make me not feel alone in disliking these – here is my list;

1) Putting the doona cover back on.


This takes longer than is should, it’s a very physical job, and I seem to be the only one in the house that has ever taken it on. Mum v’s doona cover.

I do the inside out cover/grab corner method. This means I need both the doona cover and the quilt to be laid out flat first. Having these laid out on the ground side by side apparently is an irresistible invitation for two pint sized Mexican jumping beans called Frederick and Josephine to have a party on both…. I easily reach level 1 of frustration….

I’m up to my elbows in material trying to match corner to corner. So much material. Where are the corners? Is this just a big circle?

Level 2. Now the shake down – The kids love watching me trying to shake it all into place (never happens), I’m a little hot and sweaty reaching towards level 3. All the corners have danced into different spots, but once captured and awkwardly jiggled back into place I’m firmly at level 3.

I throw the doona on the bed open up a flagon and am grateful I don’t have to do that for another 8 months. Ha ha just joking, just jokes, jj. Or am i……..?  


2) Wrapping a birthday present.

Some people love this! I cannot understand why. It could be because they don’t buy the thin cheap paper I do. It rips VERY easily. Also in my roughly 25 years of being of present wrapping age I have never once easily been able to;

  • Find scissors
  • Find sticky tape
  • Find the end of the sticky tape

So once I’m in a position to actually wrap a gift I’m already pretty salty. Then knowing the whole time that I am doing this crap job, in about an hour someone is going to rip it all off.

Don’t get me wrong I like buying and LOVE giving presents, it’s the wrapping that ruins it for everyone.

Once my brother in law gave me a bottle of wine for Christmas slipped into/wrapped in one explorer sock. Genius.

Will Marshall knows gift wrapping

3) Filling out forms.

Ive spent most of 2019 filling out forms.

  • School forms
  • Passport forms
  • Kindy forms
  • Form forms
  • Forms for forms about forms

Most of them require EXACTLY the same information but with a twist. A different pen. Or just one tricky thing to supply (CRN number anyone?), CAPS, lower case, a witness who is not related, has known you for 10 years, ate a strudel yesterday and hates grapes. Easy.

To get a good uninterrupted  run at getting any form done is close to impossible which means they are done late at night and any spare minute I have, drawing them out for weeks. I started applying for a passport for my children in June 1943 and just got the forms in this week.

4) Taking my children to the garden of unearthly delights.

PUT YOUR STONES DOWN…. I do actually hate admitting this one. I KNOW IT’S very un- Adelaide of me to say this but am I the only one that doesn’t have a magical fairly lighted, undusty, easy parking time?

The kids do love it. And I’ll admit, the teacups ARE fun. But every year we seem to pick a time (and our times to pick from are slim to one) to take the kids that it’s either sole scorching, with a mild hot wind just enough to blow up dust or torrential rain that actually makes those wide drains in the parklands a very quick thoroughfare through to the botanical gardens. Although if you happen to take this mode of transport you’d probably arrive there……un-alive…..but it looks to be extremely efficient.

I want to clarify that we have had some amazing times at the Fringe and in the Garden and seeing shows but this has been just my husband and I or with friends. Taking our kids hasn’t worked for us but we’ll keep doing it. As family. One big happy, dusty, broke family.

5) Finding that second sock.

YOU KNOW. You bloody know what I’m taking about here. ERY SINGLE DAY im looking for a sock. Could be for me? My daughter? My Son? I’m never sure who’s sock Ill be locating on any given day…… Never my husband though. If he tied all his smug matching socks together he could probably make 3 laps around planet earth.

Every family has a pile of lost or odd Socks, right?

So there you go! What a happy list. As I sit here typing with one sock on I realise that maybe these are outsource-able? I actually think I could find someone who loves all doing all of these …… maybe Ill check the database…..? maybe just maybe jamesdaisy can help ;). And on that note……

Sign up to jamesdaisy! Our database for FREE members will be live soon and you can search hundreds of police checked people & businesses to help you outsource! Maybe even for one of these dud jobs! 

Sign up to jamesdaisy for FREE here!

Amy x



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